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Personal Training in Dubai

One of the most common reasons that people hire a personal trainer is that they haven’t had a great exercise history. If you live in Dubai and you’ve had a lot of injuries in the past from exercise, haven’t been able to meet exercise goals or consistently hit an exercise plateau, consider hiring a personal trainer, it’s a good decision.

Initial Consultation

Before you start working out with a me, it is important to meet in person to discuss your needs. This is what we call a personal training initial consultation. It will allows me to assess your needs from a workout regime, so I will be able to design the right workouts for you.

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physical assesment

Physical Assessment

There is wide of range of standardized tests used for these exams. In physical assessment I will understand about your overall physical condition, especially if there is any movement restriction due to lack to flexibility or mobility. This assessment will help to program your workout regime more effectively.

Nutrition Assessment

Nutrition assessment is as important as physical assessment. If clients train 6 times/week but they don’t follow any specific nutrition plan and somehow if they’re exceeding their daily calories intake, they won’t lose body fat, it means nutrition consultation and nutrition program is as important as your exercise program. In nutrition assessment I will know your current eating pattern, your likes dislikes, if you’re allergic with any food, any other nutritional complication that can be discussed with clinical dietician and accordingly I can plan a nutritional program for you.

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My Clients

In the last 7 years I have changed 100’s of people’s life through health and fitness. Some of my clients allowed me to share their physical transformations and some they wrote their reviews about me, and some clients showed their love in video testimonial.

Clients Transformation

Clients Reviews

Clients Testimonial


Basic Plan

10 Sessions

Valid For 2 months

Ultimate Plan

30 Sessions

Valid For 6 months

Super Plan

20 Sessions

Valid For 4 months

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